Dillon Danis: Marcelo Garcia ‘Dream Team’ black belt || BJJ Hacks in NYC

Only 21 years of age Dillon Danis exploded onto the international competition scene by going undefeated for 18 months as a brown belt. Recently promoted to black belt by the legendary Marcelo Garcia, Danis is a member of the ‘dream team’, a group of young grapplers representing the Marcelo Garcia academy.

Danis has shown his skills by winning gold on Metamoris and at the IBJJF World Championships. We went inside the mind of the New Jersey native to find out what drives him, how he handles pressure and how with the backing and support of his master Marcelo Garcia he plans to become the best grappler of all time.

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Video by Hywel Teague for BJJ Hacks

Thanks to Marcelo Garcia, Philzinho Balmant, Mansher ‘Munch’ Singh Kera, Johnattan Porcenat and everyone else at the Marcelo Garcia academy.

Filmed at the Marcelo Garcia academy in Manhattan, New York, April 2015.

Theme: Adrenaline by Disbedatnewshit

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2: Camera cu Jazz by NVMA

3: Weird Inside – Just Ask (B.W.O Drums Cover) by B.W.Ø

All music licensed under Creative Commons 3.0 for Commercial Use

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